*Calculation uses average house price in the City of Kingston to calculate what your home might be worth assuming it has risen in value similarly to the “average” City of Kingston property. Calculations are estimates only and cannot be relied upon for valuation purposes.

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Down payment        Down payment The amount of money you pay up front to obtain a mortgage. The minimum down payment in Canada is 5%. For down payments of less than 20%, home buyers are required to purchase mortgage default insurance, commonly referred to as CMHC insurance.
Mortgage insurance        Mortgage insurance Mortgage default insurance, commonly referred to as CMHC insurance, protects the lender in the case the borrower defaults on the mortgage. Mortgage default insurance is required on all mortgages with down payments of less than 20%, which are known as high ratio mortgages. Mortgage default insurance is calculated as a percentage applied to your mortgage amount. plus
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Municipal:        Municipal Some municipalities, like Toronto, levy an additional LTT, which is similarly calculated as a percentage of the purchase price of a home. plus
Rebate:        Rebate If you are a first-time home buyer in British Columbia or Ontario, you will be eligible for LTT rebates, equal to the value of the LTT up to a maximum amount set by the province. minus
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